three months old

I have a three month old. A darling, giggling, babbling, wonderful little three month old. It doesn't even seem possible really. In some ways it feels like i was just leaving the hospital with her. In other ways it feels like she's still supposed to be inside of me... but, it also feels like i've known her forever. Is this motherhood? HONESTLY, i never knew i could love someone so much. Apparently all the cliches are true - she's everything.

deja entendu poppy

brand new baby

did you know my favorite band of all time is Brand New?
It's true, i've been obsessing over them since i was a teenager- devouring every lyric, snagging each record the day it drops, illegally downloading leaked demos, attending every live show i can, collecting merch (specifically band tees) like it's my job, stalking their website & the BN subreddit for news, & naturally introducing my tiny baby to their glorious music.

When my amazing friends Jess & Tommy gave me (us) this custom brand new deja entendu onesie at our baby shower i literally squealed with excitement.  It quickly became the one piece of clothing i longed most for our unborn baby to wear.  After all, they did play at her very first concert - wait... does it count as a first show if she was still growing inside of me at the time?

Either way - here she is debuting in all it's glory - her Brand New Dolan onesie.

Not even three months old & already so cool. 

inside our home // the lounge aka my favorite room

This is my favorite room in the house. It gets a ton of natural light, my record player lives here (with an ample amount of dance space), i love all the colors, patterns, & things in this space & it's also where our salt water fish tank sits. Did you know it's scientifically proven that admiring a fish tank calms you & brings your blood pressure down? We love it - & so does Poppy.

We could easily hook up the record player to our surround system for a much better sound but i honestly really enjoy thumbing through our album collection in this room & listening to it in all its grainy glory in here. It's so nice to get a cup of coffee (or wine, or beer, or any variety of delicious beverages) & chill in here with some vinyl.

So there's a little taste of my favorite place in the dollhouse - forever documented in the interwebs.