brand new baby

did you know my favorite band of all time is Brand New?
It's true, i've been obsessing over them since i was a teenager- devouring every lyric, snagging each record the day it drops, illegally downloading leaked demos, attending every live show i can, collecting merch (specifically band tees) like it's my job, stalking their website & the BN subreddit for news, & naturally introducing my tiny baby to their glorious music.

When my amazing friends Jess & Tommy gave me (us) this custom brand new deja entendu onesie at our baby shower i literally squealed with excitement.  It quickly became the one piece of clothing i longed most for our unborn baby to wear.  After all, they did play at her very first concert - wait... does it count as a first show if she was still growing inside of me at the time?

Either way - here she is debuting in all it's glory - her Brand New Dolan onesie.

Not even three months old & already so cool. 

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