little valentine

poppy quinn
Happy Valentines from my girl with all the arm rolls. Gah! Basically i think they are the cutest thing ever. Also, i love honest diapers... & the XOXO package that came this month has definitely been my favorite print. I had to get a pic of her in them.  
We're lounged out at the house on this chilly Florida day before brunch & heading up to the park for a stroll with our girl.  Muffin & i presented Daddy with his first ever Poppy Q + Mama original artwork: 
 baby footprint valentines art diy
not sure how i managed to get an eleventh toe print on there.... i swear she only has ten toes! I didnt even notice it until Jake laughed & pointed it out to me. Oh well, i still think it's insanely adorable.
Tonight we will have our usual delicious valentines fondue for dinner + dessert & i am so ready for it.


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