but first, COFFEE

This is what most mornings look like for us.  I demand my coffee (because i desire to function like an alert human being) & the Poppy seed muffin demands her milk first.  She wins: every. single. time.  I must admit, i love my mornings with her.  I typically wake up in a haze just in time to find her bright little eyes adjusting until the moment she spots me.  We lock eyes & I am promptly given the sweetest little good morning smile that turns me to mush on a daily basis.

I'm pretty slow motion in the a.m. so i take my time to waken by snuggling with Poppy, listening to music, embracing a hot mug, & chatting with the mister before we start our day.  I'm the epitome of 'not a morning person' so all of these things really help start the tone for my day.

inside our home // Poppy Q's Nursery Reveal

Designing Poppy's room was definitely a highlight of my pregnancy. I spent three solid months trying to decide what to do with an accent wall. Not even kidding. Indecision much?? I treated her room as if i were curating a modern baby oasis. It had to be stylish, bright, modern with mid-century touches & above all: stimulating to mommy & baby.

I'm thrilled with how it came out:

I love this print. My best friend Jess got it from a local artist in Denver & sent it my way during a time when i was moderately freaking out about being pregnant. it's perfect.

this crib / toddler bed is everything. PQ's crib was the first thing i fell in love with when i realized this was actually, really happening - we made a baby & it (she) was going to get her own room. i was all kinds of indecisive about what colors, fabrics, wallpaper etc i wanted to use but i knew this was the absolute best looking crib i'd laid eyes on - & our babe had to have it. My parents are incredible & my mom bought it for us almost immediately after i showed it to her. She also gets mad props for being the sounding board for all my design dillemas along the way, shopping with me, finding the perfect curtains & helping paint!

A mid-century dresser was on the must have list in my mind. i hunted & hunted for THE perfect one to rehab. I finally came across this one at a used furniture store. It was looking pretty tragic on the outside at the time, but it still had all the good bones of a sixties wooden dresser. We snagged it, loaded it up & i am so grateful & proud of my baby daddy aka hubs for breathing life into it once more - sanding & stripping, priming, painting, waxing, cleaning & turning it into a two tone beauty!

I've always loved hot air balloons. Jake proposed right after a sunrise balloon ride, forever making them incredibly special in my heart. I naturally fell pretty hard for this dreamy mobile.

Button & Doogle have been super anxious though out the entire pregnancy to meet their tiny human friend. They really love being in her room, because she has basically the best rug for sunning in afternoon light.

bonus points from this light: it looks awesome at night when the light casts stars all over her walls:

So there it is. I hope you love your room as much i do Poppy Quinn!