flower field glimpse

Jake surprised me with a photo shoot in a gorgeous flower field as a Mothers Day gift. Here are just a few of the photos by Emma & Me Photography...

I will cherish these memories captured forever <3

cheers mamas

My first Mother's Day was filled with some of my favorite things: mimosas, waffles, baby giggles, fresh flowers, sweet cards, fondue, succulents, a house cleaning husband(!), my wonderful weenie dogs, & of course, time with my family.

Six months ago I held my tiny baby girl for the first time and fell harder in love than I ever thought possible. My adoration for her has only grown with each passing day - watching her grow & seeing her little personality develop has brought me so much happiness. She is hands down the best surprise I've ever received. She is my greatest accomplishment & i feel so insanely lucky that she is mine.

My journey into motherhood has given me a newfound appreciation & gratitude for my mother. I would not be the person I am today without her unconditional love, support, acceptance & guidance. I'm one of those people lucky enough to call my mama my best friend. I talk to her every day, shes my sounding board, advice giver, & always good for a laugh. She's the type my mom who gives you lessons like a mother & listens like a friend. I look at Poppy now & know that it's with those same loving eyes my mother looked at me. I hope one day when shes my age she feels the same way about me as i do her nana.

Wishing every mother in the interwebs a Happy Mother's Day.... and thinking of those who lost a mother, have a toxic relationship with their mother, or are struggling to become a mother.

PS This is Poppy giving me my Mother's Day card...

Basically the cutest thing ever.