but first, COFFEE

This is what most mornings look like for us.  I demand my coffee (because i desire to function like an alert human being) & the Poppy seed muffin demands her milk first.  She wins: every. single. time.  I must admit, i love my mornings with her.  I typically wake up in a haze just in time to find her bright little eyes adjusting until the moment she spots me.  We lock eyes & I am promptly given the sweetest little good morning smile that turns me to mush on a daily basis.

I'm pretty slow motion in the a.m. so i take my time to waken by snuggling with Poppy, listening to music, embracing a hot mug, & chatting with the mister before we start our day.  I'm the epitome of 'not a morning person' so all of these things really help start the tone for my day.

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