nine months in vs nine months out

it's hard to fathom that nine months ago i was nearing the end of my pregnancy & about to meet a tiny little baby that would make our hearts explode. Somehow... she has been here nine whole months- making us laugh, challenging us & bringing more fulfillment than i ever thought possible.
she gives me these sweet soft smiles & i melt.  I swear, this babygirl is everything good in the universe.

Poppy knows how to clap her hands (on request too!) & it's basically my favorite thing ever. I am legitimately beaming with pride every time she does it.  We sing "Clappa Hannies, Clappa Hannies" and she gets so excited clappin' those hands!  Also, she gets bonus cuteness points for knowing "clappa hannies" instead of "clap your hands".  All cred for that goes to her Scottish Nana.

She likes books, blocks, drumming on everything (!!) and in case you were wondering... crawling is so last month, ma - she is so fast especially chasing Doogle (side note: how am i going to keep up with her when she's walking/running?)  She is so strong, pulling up & "cruising" along all the furniture. Girl can move!

It's bittersweet watching her grow. Sure, i love seeing all the new wonderful things she does, listening to new sounds she makes, melting when i hear "mama" but also, a part of me just wishes she could stay small forever.

love you Poppy Quinn.

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